António Belo Santos


Spotting wise leadership where it factually exists really opens your eyes to the wonder of life and our role in the universe. As you grow in life, eventually it dawns on you that true leaders are not necessarily those who have fought hard to be appointed to office – the reality is that wise inspired leadership can be found in the most surprising places, and in most cases comes from people who… Read More

For the sake of our own human potential, the quality of our relationships needs to be addressed. Are you consciously choosing your relationships? In a world full of networking opportunities and evermore-present social networks, human relationships are becoming commoditized, in the sense that we often do not give them the importance that they should have, we do not nourish them properly and we do not give them time to develop organically. Everyday… Read More

We all hope for the best and regardless of differences deep inside we all wish the best to everyone around us. But beyond hope there are real, practical, concrete steps we can take today to invite the best, most fortunate outcome into our own lives and into our businesses. Our egos love to claim ownership of whatever success we experience, but in fact often what happens is we just got fortunate and… Read More

Successful business leaders are passionately committed to truth. They realise that truth is the ultimate competitive edge in business, as in life, and that most of the leadership work they deliver is devoted to aligning the companies they oversee with truth. Imagine you have been appointed to the job of CEO of a large company and consequently are experiencing an inflated ego for being “the chosen one to lead the way”. After… Read More

People are constantly looking for leaders, often in the wrong place, sometimes with tragic consequences. In fact, pervasive leadership stereotypes suggest that the ideal leader would be a sort of a mixture between the messianic visionary and the epitome of an affirmative personality. Too many people crave opportunities to assume leadership roles without being true leaders often for unspeakable motives, which can range from their petty desire to acquire wealth to more… Read More

As the dynamics of Cyber Economics accelerate, the increasing adoption of digital resources creates a context where everything is on record, privacy is redefined, our actions are subject to public review and trust effectively becomes the new global currency. Trust has always been a fundamental value – since time immemorial, trust in people and institutions has always been a pillar of human societies. Mutual acceptance and deeper interaction depend on trust and… Read More