Synergy is the victorious keyword

We are all facing a once in a lifetime challenge – in the face of a pandemic, our combined future will depend on the choices we make individually and as a society about how to deal with the circumstances we are faced with.

The two main strategies we can choose to adopt to deal with the present circumstances can be summarized in two keywords: Synergy and Individualism.

Individualism is the fear-based strategy. It will be seen by many as the most appealing option in the beginning, because it produces immediate “protection” regardless of the outcome. However, fear-based individualism will ultimately lead to isolation in many forms:

  • Isolation: social isolation, social distancing, seclusion, confinement, segregation, quarantine, detention, lock-down, restricted access, blockade, standstill, paralysis, stagnation, loss;
  • Separation: estrangement, discord, separateness, partition, division, disconnection, induced coma, stigmatization, removal, withdrawal;
  • Hatred: antagonism, aversion, dislike, rancor, crime, violence;
  • Disbelief: agnosticism, atheism, disbelief, lack of faith;
  • Disinformation: propaganda, toxic use of mass media.

Synergy is the higher conscience strategy. It will require combined effort now, and a common intention to overcome together, because it implies that we act in unity and compliance with the common good, and in observance of natural law, but it is most supportive strategy for a best possible outcome. Synergy will ultimately lead to unity in many forms:

  • Cooperation: teamwork, symbiosis, joint-efforts, joint-leadership, coordination, reciprocity, interaction, coalition, compliance with rules and adherence to best practices;
  • Bipartisanship: joint political efforts, coalition, confederation, political union;
  • Assistance: mutual assistance, interdependence, coadjuvancy, ecology;
  • Faith: spiritual communion, ecumenic dialogue, spiritual comfort through belief, regardless of religion;
  • Truth: absence of fear, factual data, scientific method, factual reporting, supportive information that enhances the quality of decision making.

Synergy is the victorious keyword.

As you consider your decisions over the coming period of time, you can choose a higher level of conscience, knowing that by doing so you are resisting the temptation of falling for the fear-based reaction.

The consequences of your decisions as you execute the strategy you have chosen will positively impact how we will all emerge from this together.

Choose synergy.

António Belo Santos

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

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