Network for ideas, find wealth in diversity

When undertaking networking efforts, so many people fall prey to the lower conscience temptation to try to connect with others with the barely hidden purpose of extracting some form of value from others that they imagine they could benefit from. 

Not surprisingly – as the universe gives back to you more of what you put into it – the consequence of networking with such limited, self-interested, perspective is that people end up attracting, and eventually become surrounded by, like-minded peers who are in the game just to try to reach some sort of immediate benefit through others. 

And that is, of course, ego-based networking, and people who indulge in it end up with lower-value, less powerful networks.

Ego-based networking is an incredible waste of opportunity and a disrespect for the singularity of others. 

Instead, consider networking for ideas. 

Go out in the world and meet people with the honest uninterested goal of hearing about their experiences, perspectives, insights.

Smart networkers understand that diversity is one of the most powerful sources of wealth, and hence they naturally network with others to learn, discover, reassess, while also taking time to help others benefit from their own perspectives. 

And again, not surprising, people who network for ideas build and develop richly diverse networks, which they deliberately populate with as many different kinds of people as they possibly can.

Feel like giving it a shot? 

Take these 3 simple steps:

  1. Seek to actively network with people who you would never think of even speaking with;
  2. Instead of trying to look special, make a conscious effort to learn through your network. 
  3. Be ready to share without expecting anything in return. 

Help others, forget about yourself, the universe will thank you for it.

António Belo Santos

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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