Stars under water

Would you try to submerse a shining star?

Assuming you agree with the principle that there is possibly some form of peaceful natural order in the universe – even if we cannot understand it and it actually appears pretty chaotic – then you could admit the possibility that trying to submerse a shining star is, as a minimum, an unconventional idea.

Each and every person on this planet is a shining star. Every single one of us is endowed with individual innate abilities to use our creative genius and talent in ways that shine, seeking the highest possible beneficial outcomes to ourselves, to our communities and to society as a whole.

All of us are super talented in something – anything really – ranging from the more obvious talents, to more specific ways in which each of us is inspired and able to perform at the highest levels.

When we spot and develop such talents, any outputs that emerge are often incredibly ingenious, creative, inspired, and remarkably long lasting.

 One of the current mega trends hidden in plain sight is the factual observation that, across all markets, very large numbers of people are quickly moving away from single labour contractual relationships, instead developing their skills, focusing on their talents, and putting these to service in their communities in a wide variety of ways.

Traditional employment relationships where the stars would be drowned for the sake of standardization in the workplace are quickly being questioned by vast numbers of professionals who instead serve others as Clients, not as employees.

In today’s business world, most of us are no longer employees – we are entrepreneurs in whatever areas bring us the true sense of fulfilment that we all get from pursuing our personal direction and develop our talents and our skills.

Freedom from employment and wide spread entrepreneurship form yet another example of the wealth of opportunity that is being brought to us as a consequence of the widespread adoption of the principles of Cyber Economics.

The digital transformation the world is going through is shifting the traditional employment market into a much richer skills market, where highly talented people can integrate several different teams, participate in several different projects, across several different industries, in all of which contributing with their unique personal talent.

The world is quickly becoming a much better place. As the skills market replaces the employment relationship, our sense of security and material prosperity is no longer centred in one paying entity and is no longer limited by salary remuneration. Instead, each of us is developing a Client portfolio that focuses on all the things we are best at doing.

Ultimately, the transformation of the employment economy into a skills economy through the adoption of digital resources will allow each of us to deeply understand our unique strengths so intimately and completely that we shine like we never thought possible.

No longer will our sparkle be under water, no longer will any of us fear losing a job, no longer will any worker have to submit to toxic work environments.

Quite on the contrary, we are all becoming more optimistic towards life and then of course this optimism is one key driver of economic growth.

We are on the path to achieve the constant peace of mind that emanates from being personally reassured that our contribution to society is valued in such a way that we simply know that nothing can challenge our long-term wealth, happiness, peace and security.

Only sea stars live under water.

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