How to spot wise leadership

Spotting wise leadership where it factually exists really opens your eyes to the wonder of life and our role in the universe.

As you grow in life, eventually it dawns on you that true leaders are not necessarily those who have fought hard to be appointed to office – the reality is that wise inspired leadership can be found in the most surprising places, and in most cases comes from people who never really wanted to be leaders in the first place.

Wise leaders are not self declared, instead they are spotted by the community as they carry out their actions and consequently it is the community that pushes these people to their leadership role.

That is one of the reasons why wise leaders are keenly aware of the responsibility they carry, and consequently they become genuinely humble in the face of the enormity of their task.

In fact, it it this genuine, non-assuming humbleness that is a hallmark of a wise leader that makes these people so very hard to spot.

Here are some personality traits to look out for as you seek to identify a wise leader in your surroundings:

  • A person who is naturally willing, and innately focused, in effectively helping others, and who is endowed with the faith, energy and fearless persistence required to achieve and overcome;
  • A champion for others, a selfless hero, a very good negotiator and arbitrator, a tactful person, a very skilled planner, a patient personality who is diligent and leaves little to chance;
  • Someone who is responsible and honorable and is sufficiently detached from material desire to the point that has become objectively willing to die, but not kill, for the cause of helping others, and yet a person of peace;
  • Generous people, especially if they found themselves in situations that left them with little alternative than to face, and overcome, arduous circumstances.
  • Longevity in the sense of someone who has been able to honorably maintain relationships and roles for long periods of time, having moved on only when the calling for something new came naturally;

Keeping the above in mind, it suddenly becomes much easier to understand that wise leaders are forged in hardship, and their beautiful progressive ascent is a consequence of service and a steady, constant, predictable push to better conditions.

Open your eyes and spot a wise leader near you, and when you do you will naturally be inspired and grateful for seeing that the good in life is much more abundant and inspiring than you thought.

Photo by Tobias Mrzyk on Unsplash

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