How to invite good fortune into your life today

We all hope for the best and regardless of differences deep inside we all wish the best to everyone around us. But beyond hope there are real, practical, concrete steps we can take today to invite the best, most fortunate outcome into our own lives and into our businesses.

Our egos love to claim ownership of whatever success we experience, but in fact often what happens is we just got fortunate and were able to ride that wave. Being humble enough to recognize that fortunate developments are not a direct result of our ego’s action is a constructive attitude for anyone seeking to invite fortune into their lives.

So the question is: how much good fortune could you attract into your life today if you knew there are objective strategies you can deploy to see more helpful circumstances, more helpful waves you can ride?

Is there a set of elements we can consider as the basis of good fortune?

We rarely stop and consider what are the elements of good fortune really are and how we can take steps to be well positioned to attract good fortune.

Here are the 5 basics:

1.    Good fortune emanates from practical wisdom.

Practical wisdom is being able to quietly read the signs and position yourself adequately before the wave comes, so you can ride it when the time is right.

2.    Practical wisdom comes form developing a sense of oneness with reality.

Clear your mind, shut down your ego permanent chatter and for your own sake please listen. Practical wisdom is not being the wise gal / guy – it is about quiet observation in such a way that what will happen next becomes effortlessly apparent to you.

3.    There is a deep connection between information, the news, good use of social media, up to date knowledge, R&D, innovation, and the ability to see reality for what it is.

This is why digital transformation is so important – more data, well treated, produces better knowledge that enhances your practical wisdom.

4.    Ethics matter – ethical approaches safeguard you from ego blindness, and open your eyes to Truth.

If you constantly focus on Truth, you will develop your inner ability to see reality for what it is, so you can get the practical wisdom to deal with it.

5.    The power of your practical wisdom depends on your level of conscience – You need to have a certain level of conscience to “get it”.

The higher your level of conscience is, the more awareness you can get. And because you are aware, you can position yourself correctly, align yourself with Truth, and that can be perceived as good fortune, when in reality it simply means that you are positioned correctly with what is.

This implies understanding that the most fundamental wall between you and Truth is your ego.

Ultimately, good fortune is the sweet spot where preparation meets opportunity. You simply “knew” when it was the right time to do something, and hence you acted timely to position yourself correctly – and the you get incredibly fortunate because you simply do just that.

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