All success in life comes from Truth

Successful business leaders are passionately committed to truth. They realise that truth is the ultimate competitive edge in business, as in life, and that most of the leadership work they deliver is devoted to aligning the companies they oversee with truth.

Imagine you have been appointed to the job of CEO of a large company and consequently are experiencing an inflated ego for being “the chosen one to lead the way”.

After you stop massaging your ego and get back to earth, you may be in for the rude awakening that occurs when you find that the company is facing intense issues and a wide array of challenges that will require extreme efforts and flexibility to deal with.

Feeling like a “superstar”, you may come in with a plan that you have imagined to solve it all, but somehow the “difficult” people working in the company or the “imposing” Clients just do not seem to get along with what you have in mind.

The worst part of the entire ordeal of course is that there is really no escape from that burdening job after having taken the seat, which means that it could all become so less glamorous and appealing in the end than what you anticipated or had been led to believe initially. This happens every day, and many business leaders will only privately admit to this reality.

So how can you deal with it?

Are there any secrets to deal with the challenges posed by the many veils that separate you from the truth? Of course there are, and they emanate from business ethics.

One of the strategies that effective business leaders use to overcome their egos and see the truth is taking deliberate steps in the exact opposite direction of what their egos are telling them to do.

This is akin to saying that one of the secrets behind inspiring leadership is to consciously choose to take a professionally humble approach to whatever challenge is being presented.

Professional humbleness is about reducing the tone of the permanent chatter in your mind, lower the tone of your voice, actively listen and become a receiving antenna to what the universe is trying to tell you, sometimes even bluntly in your face, instead of childishly trying to implement some solution that is yet another brainchild of your ego. This is of course an ethical way of approaching business.

That is the moment when answers start becoming apparent and solutions, regardless of how difficult, emerge and a way forward is carved. That is the real moment of truth.

Another strategy to success that business leaders are well familiar with in their efforts to be aligned with the truth is to always inspire, support and uplift others and make sure that the corporate strategy is committed to these values.

Business ethics is rooted on the notion that you build what you stand for.

A third strategy that business leaders implement as they align with the truth is to quietly observe what the company has less resistance in doing, what comes natural to the company culture and is an inherent uniqueness that can be put to use if focused in the right direction. And of course natural law and natural cycles are fundamental elements of business ethics.

There is no competition to the level of success that can be achieved as a consequence of pursuing truth, because there is no opposing counterforce to it.

As business leaders start walking the path of alignment with truth and fostering an ethical way to approach business, success is increasingly more effortless, inevitable and overwhelming, simply because all success in life comes from truth.

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